Computer programming Writing computer programs means writing instructions, that will make the computer follow and run a program based on those instructions. To explain how programming works, I will give a brief history. The basic instructions are composed of a sequence of ons and offs, that the computer follows as it runs them through the processor, turning switches on and off. The ons are coded (meaning written in programming) with an 1, and the offs with a 0. Numbers and letters are also represented by this; 0000=0, 0001=1, 0010=2, 0011=3, etc. In the beginning, programs looked like “1010100100101111010101010101”. Someone realized that since the purpose of writing programs is in order to make life easier, why don’t we write a program that will take a kind of code that is easier to create, and the program will translate it into computer code (1s and 0s). So, assembly language was created, where the code then looked like “add $5, $7, $8 #comment”, which although not completely readable, it was a lot better than “010101”. The program that converted the assembly language into computer code was called the assembler. Then someone decided, why don’t we make a program that will translate English-like words into assembly language, so we can write code in English. Thus modern “third generation” code was created. Now the programmer can write code like “x = 5 + 8;” or “String stupid = “You are not smart;”. (The first piece means that x will equal 5 + 8, and the second means that whenever the program writes stupid it means the words in the quotes. However, that is not important now, the important thing to realize is that programming is more “Englished” and understandable than before”.) Now, a compiler will translate the new code into assembly language, to which an assembler will translate into computer language, that the computer will execute into a series of ons and offs. This new way enabled writing more complex code, as it was now more readable and easy to program. Java is one of the newer languages that uses this third generation code writing technic. Computer programming


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