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canon powershot s95
canon powershot s95


in gadget Taking photos of family and friends without the aid of a flash is one way of getting unique and unposed shots that usually end up as the favorite image from any event.

With the Canon PowerShot S95, you can do that and still expect the high quality you’ve always expected from Canon’s line of compact digital cameras. Considering Canon’s latest quality innovation, the HS system coupled with Hybrid Image Stabilization and a f2.0 lens, you won’t need to lug a tripod around for candid indoor shots or worry about blurry images due to a long shutter time on hand held shots. For shots when you do want flash, the S95 offers Smart Flash exposure control to provide just the right amount of flash without blowing out brightly lit areas.

Thanks to the improved sensitivity of the 10mp imaging sensor along with the renowned Digic 4 processor (the HS system) you can even use an ISO as high as 3200 without losing image quality. Switch to low light mode and expect to go as high as 12,800 ISO while creating smaller (2.5mp) images. And for those who like to be creative in different situations, the S95 is fully manual.

what is the best camera Slim, light and built for easy handling, the S95 features Smart Auto, a function that determines the best settings for whatever situation you happen to be in. And thanks to Scene Detection Technology, you even get tips on the 3.0” PureColor II G LCD screen guiding you on why to use certain settings for certain scenes. For the experienced photographer, use the manual control ring located around the lens for quick changes anytime the scene changes. There is even a shortcut button on the back of the camera that allows you to choose pre-set settings that you program ahead of time. A real advantage when you want to have fun without worrying about which camera settings to use.

Another great feature that helps you get the shot you envisioned is the High Dynamic Range shooting mode. Since the human eye sees light differently than anything engineers have been able to create, the S95 takes 3 quick shots in succession and combines them to accent the highlights and contrasts of a certain scene and merge them into one image that exceeds the quality of conventional cameras.

When it’s time to switch to HD video, expect 720p, 24fps movie recording with high quality stereo sound, an HDMI port and CEC compatibility.

Lightweight, stylish and built to give you the highest quality images available today, the Canon PowerShot S95 is the perfect camera amateurs and professionals alike can take anywhere and return with their new favorite shots.

When flash is what you want to achieve a desired outcome, add Canon’s high power flash attachment.